Pete North (peter_north) wrote in life_in_leeds,
Pete North

Hi folks!

Just a quick reminder that hard techno guru Lars Klein will be appearing at Fusion at Stinkys Peephouse on Friday (tonight). Also in accompaniment will be local tearaway talent Evil Ed and Dirty sanchez.

If you've not been down before you can expect the usual Euphonic top party atmosphere and some of the best industrial/hard and acid techno to be found anywhere in the North. One of the few places you can also hear what is being dubbed as "shranz" techno by the industry boffins. A new twist on heavy industrial european techno which has producers scratching their heads all over the country wondering just where it came from and how it's done. If you want to see it first hand then get yourselves down tonight.

Also if it proves too much which it does even for the likes of me you have the Nomadz soundsystem downstairs playing innovative breaks and beats in a clean, friendly, chilled environment. This venue is superb and one of the best Leeds has to offer. Its a night you can come out as clean as you went in. I'm sure thats a novelty for some of you. Mind you, if you're not a bit rough by the end then you kinda missed the point.

Flyer here...

Hope to see some of you down. Bring your crew!!

Take care,

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