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help! [Mar. 26th, 2006|06:36 pm]
i've just stumbled across this community in the tangle that is livejournal.

i know this has nothing to do with the leeds music scene, but i'm hoping you lovely people will be able to help me out.

i will be moving to leeds to study nursing in september, and i'm trying to decide where to live. i don't want to share - i'm 25 and have lived on my own for years, so i'd probably be a terrible housemate, and as well as this i have a dog and a house full of furniture to bring with me.

my dad's lived in roundhay since 1985, and i have plenty of friends who live in the more studenty areas, but none of them seem to have a clue how to advise me. my dad is snobby about anywhere that isn't near him, and is particularly critical about south leeds, and my student friends want me to live near them, which i don't really fancy.

the area i live in in middlesbrough right now isn't too wonderful, but i like it, i'm not so choosey. and i figured my dad might be being overprotective.

so, have any of you any advise/recommendations? am i better sticking to where i know but paying a lot more rent, and is south leeds really so bad?

thanks for any help! xx